Thanks to technical knowledge and facilities, AVAJANG has made numerous efforts to allow augment of knowledge and improvement of skills among the users, to provide information to the customers, to develop a safe and secured atmosphere so that the customers could make more reasonable choices, and to detect and supply the best products, new strategies, reliable support and quality services in IT. These have placed AVAJANG among the pioneers of the service providing companies and have introduced AVAJANG as a reliable and trustworthy service provider.
AVAJANG Service Company has been founded to provide after sales services in the domain of IT. During a 10 year period of activity, AVAJANG has placed a premium on providing information, improving the customers’ knowledge and awareness (through various marketing methods, public relations, product engineering, and contracts with the best vendors in the world), and allowing easy access to the users in need of services, support and protection. As a dominant service and information provider, AVAJANG is one of the leading companies operating in Iranian market of IT and Telecommunications, and then it is committed to go beyond the customers’ expectations through setting the following goals to lead all its managers and processes to adhere such goals in order to meet the policy of the Quality Code:
1. To integrate the outlook, prophecy, and values of the organization with the missions and goals based on the domestic and international stakeholders
2. To optimize the use of equipment, resources, and facilities to maximize the quality of the services and level of productivity, and to minimize the waste based on state-of-the-art technologies
3. To constantly improve the efficiency of the quality management system to ensure customer as well as staff satisfaction and meet their needs
4. To improve the technical knowledge and skills, and to encourage motivation (as the most precious organizational asset) through training, cooperation, and a secure working ambiance
5. To promote the organization as the top accredited service provider throughout the country
6. To raise the level of satisfaction among the customers
7. To approach providing services to all hardware brands
To achieve the goals , AVAJANG has taken its very first step to keep abreast with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 10001:2007, ISO 10002:2014, ISO 10003:2007, ISO 10004:2012 Standards.
Beside introducing the policy to the staff and making the required arrangements for training, the company has done its utmost to ensure the policy has been well-perceived by the staff and will be adequately observed as it is inevitably important if the compiled processes, methods, and plans are to be created, practiced, protected, and improved. The company has then committed itself to supply all the demands of the policy and to revise it in order to guarantee the appropriateness of its measures during the time.