Concentrating on providing after sales services in IT, AVJANG have taken long steps to implement the Standards of 10000 Series, so that it could protect and promote the customers’ position and meet what they need and expect in terms of such services:
ISO 10001 2007
To establish and utilize the "Customers Contact" services
To accurately compile and present intra-organizational instructions involved with customer satisfaction, receptionists’ manner with the customer, warranty regulations, discounts, etc.
ISO 10002 2014
To speed up and enhance the quality of "Complaint Treatment" system to collect the customers’ opinions and suggestions
ISO 10003 2007
To settle the disputes between the customers and AVAJANG by competent legal authorities
ISO 10004 2012
To evaluate the customers’ satisfaction
To take advantage from the customers’ comments and feedback
To precisely observe what the above standards dictate, AVAJANG has given priority to the following goals:
1. Creating a customer oriented atmosphere through allocation of required intra- and inter-organizational resources
2. Increasing the speed, accuracy and quality of receiving and dealing with the complaints
3. Ensuring both the customers’ chance to make any suggestions and complaints in/outside of the company as well as the staffs’ capacity to handle them
4. Developing the security and trust required to consider the confidentiality of customers’ complaints and identity
5. Enhancing the staffs’ knowledge and awareness of how to communicate and respond customers based on continuous training
6. Identifying and perceiving the needs of unsatisfied customers in order to constantly improve the customer oriented processes
7. Establishing new desirable ways of communication to examine the customer satisfaction
8. Applying the results of the formerly mentioned evaluation processes in betterment of the organizational outlook, mission, strategy, and goal
As a result, we, the managers and staff, are fully-aware of our duties, responsibilities, and authorities as instructed by the customer oriented system. We also observe the moral as well as professional principles and fulfill the requirements of the customer orientation in different ways. Then, we are committed to move parallel with all the requirements of 10000 Series to ultimately enhance the level of customer satisfaction.