Teamwork, cooperation, and integration have played key roles to aid Avajang to survive for 20 years in the highly competitive market of IT in Iran. These have been the core stones of an attitude enabling the company to be proudly labeled, by its customers, as a pioneer in providing reliable and the state-of-the-art services. Efforts have been made, therefore, to change the company to an ever-supporting companion not only for the business partners and cooperators, but for the customers as well. These have been to introduce a brand new version of customer experience in receiving the desirable services.
Avajang Co. have constantly placed a premium on an array of factors to keep abreast of the latest changes in the domain of IT: keeping the customers well-informed through the strategies of the marketing and public relations, supplying the best software and hardware developed at the global level, and providing the immediate access for the customers in need of whether the information or technologies. Such objectives have been met through accurate product engineering, an extended network of distribution and support, and an ongoing support provided to the customers in the form of after sales services. Avajang, as a result, have been introduced as one the most dominant companies operating within the IT as well as telecommunications in Iran.
Thanks to the technical facilities and knowledge, Avajang Co. have always done its utmost to allow the betterment of the Iranian users in both scientific and quality respects. Constant provision of information to the customers, creation of a safe and secure atmosphere for them to choose wisely, introduction of the new brand products and guidelines in IT, and provision of support beside the services have assisted Avajang to encourage the great sense of shopping among the customers. The very sense of shopping at ease has made Avajang a name and developed trust among its customers.

Avajang Co. have been honored to support a number of globally well-known products and brands. In order to ensure the customer satisfaction, the company have enjoyed highly qualified and well-experienced staff to take the required actions in terms of choosing and evaluating the products, making the right pricing policies, making the products accessible to the company’s sales network, and providing the extensive after sales services. As the users’ needs are subject to an everyday change Avajang have been always in pursuit of introducing an abundance of up to date IT products and office machines as follows:

IT Products IT

- Computer internal parts as motherboards, graphic cards, and ROM

- Computer accessories as mouse, keyboards, speakers, headsets, webcams, and game pads

- Notebooks, netbooks, and tablets in types

- External hards and flash memories in types

- Printers in types

Office Machines

- Heavy load printers in various types to meet the official needs, printers fitting the industrial targets

- Video projectors in types

- Barcode scanners for shops

- Printers of shopping logos


- Security Solutions

In order to supply the above mentioned products, Avajang Co. have been in cooperation with the leading manufacturers of the world. The title of the company (Avajang) is itself a powerful tool to convince the most accredited brands to introduce their products to the Iranian market.

Avajang seeks for keeping pace with the international market, encouraging innovation, and enhancing the quality of the services. Observing the technical standards and maintaining a shoulder by shoulder contact with the customers, Avajang Warranty has been ranked among the top labels of computer products in Iranian market within a short period of time.
To expand the network of providing exclusive, prompt, and quality services, there has been always an upward trend in the number of the representative and branches of the company throughout the country:
- The services are provided in the services main centers located in 8 cities including Tehran (two branches), Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad, Ahvaz, Tabriz, Kermanshah, and Sari
- There are also more than 70 authorized representatives whole around the country.
Each representative enjoys two to ten staff in services departments. Prior to be delegated, each applicant is obliged to participate in very sophisticated training courses to become qualified for what to be conducted in terms of customers’ expectations. The representatives are issued with the representativeness certificate and are each assigned to provide specific types of services (to their relevant provinces) based on the categories determined by the company.
Training the staff at very specialized levels is given a high priority by Avajang Co. This has been managed through a number of training courses held both for the headquarters and representatives in the company or in the country of the original manufacturers beside the courses which are held at presence of local or international tutors invited to instruct the latest developments in the field. Observing the consumers’ rights and being responsible for their satisfaction are the keys to serving them as well as possible.
The “online part tracking” option made accessible to the customers along with the chance to raise FAQs are advantages of Avajang over its counterparts.
Avajang Co. takes benefit from the ERP software to serve the customers within the shortest possible time, directly connect with the representatives and branches, track the products, and send SMS. Avajang Co. owes its reputation, credit, and ability to manage wholesales to the quality of the exclusive services it provides.
Today, efficiency and effectiveness are the hot topics of discussions put forth surrounding the organizational issues to be answered merely through scientific studies. As the thinkers of the area believe, one promising way to guarantee the effectiveness of organizational processes is to meet the customers’ needs and expectations.

Bearing this within mind Avajnag staff are to:

create a unique experience for the customers
develop new products and services through discovering the customers’’ needs and desires
settle a bilateral connection and direct interaction with the customers
provide the desirable responses to the customers’ sense of trust
encourage the customers to use up dated IT services and products IT
plan incentives for the loyal customers
ensure a welcoming and dynamic ambiance for Avajang family all around the country.
Avajang Co. has been always trying to achieve the customer satisfaction by:
compiling the letter of commitment and fulfillment beside the organizational values
putting quality as one of the most important factors involved with organizational development
perceiving the customers’ expectations
planting desirable expectations in customers
managing the human resources
developing commitment in providing services at all organizational levels
conducting the staff evaluation plans by the customers
managing the complaints made by the customers

What does the term “Avajang” mean?
The title of the company is a combination of two Persian words namely “Ava” and “Ajang”. The former refers to a very rhythmic absorbing voice, and the latter is concerned with the English words “bells and waves”. The logo is, then, designed based on the design of the waves endowed with the cursive lines.
What is meant by a logo or a sign?
A logo or a sign is a visual symbol that indicates the state or form of performing or describing a task or a service. The picture or drawing may be composed of different elements delicately arranged together to depict what they are supposed to by the fewest possible items. The logo must be both representing and non-repeated in other occasions. The logo, even at its minimum size, must be capable of conveying the massage and making the impression.
Avajang’s Logo:
Avajang’s logo is based on two pillars including the elements of form and letters.
Element of Form
The ellipse is a geometrical form made by the transition of a square (the element of being strong and static) to a circle (the element of dynamicity and flexibility). The boldest pictures below refer to the ellipses.

As such a form (ellipse) has been newly applied in designing the logos to ease the zeal for the dynamicity and evolution, Avajang Co. have found it as a good option to design its logo. This is the unique geometric form of the ellipse which makes it stick to the viewers’ minds. As could be frequently observed in the nature, when designing logos, different forms, whether geometric or not, are in use to eventually build up a geometric form (square or rectangle, triangle, or circles).
Element of Letters:
The word Avajang initiates with the letters “آ “ in Persian and “A” in English. The similarity between “آ “ and the small “a” in the form made the design of the logo possible. In graphic designing, using the first letter of a word to design the logo is called Monogramme.

In 1993, the logo of Avajang Co. was selected as one the three first logos by the jury of the forth biannual of the Iranian Graphic Designs.